VKVC Pipeline Repair and Maintenance Products

VKVC capabilities cover routine and emergency pipeline repair and maintenance. We enable our customers to maintain and operate Onshore and Offshore Pipelines. VKVC Onshore and Offshore Pipeline Repair Clamps and Services help customers maintain pipelines between assets. Extending from subsea fields to topside facilities, or host facility to shore, our deep-water clamps offer innovative, custom solutions to seal leaks on complex locations. To address emergency needs of the leak sealing clamps, we maintain a large raw material inventory. We design, manufacture and test clamps in record time for repairs to restore integrity and get customer pipelines back online quickly. VKVC maintains an extensive inventory of mechanical pipe couplings, welding reinforcement sleeves, hot tap tees, pipeline repair clamps, misalignment ball connectors. To reduce cost of unplanned maintenance, we collaborate with customers to create proactive maintenance programs and inventory to ensure pipeline integrity and dependable flow. Support for our products does not end with delivery and installation. Our sales and service personnel assist customers 24/7, minimizing costly downtime and keeping pipeline operations online.

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