VKVC Pig Launchers & Receivers

VKVC Pressure Vessel division is an experienced steel fabricator with ASME 'U', 'UM' & NB 'R' code stamp approved. Pig Launchers and Pig Receivers are installed on Pipelines to launch and receive Pipeline Pigs, Pipeline spheres and Pipeline inspection tools. Pig Launchers & Pig Receivers offer a safe and effective means of inserting and removing pipeline Pigs to and from Pipelines. VKVC fabricates pig launchers and pig receivers as per client specifications. They are suitable for on-shore, offshore, subsea and process Plant applications. We offer EN10204 3.1 & EN102043.2 Certification as required. image1 We fabricate & Pig Launchers and Pig Receivers range from simple barrel pig Launchers and Receivers to complete skid mounted units with associated equipment including inter locks actuated valves, quick opening closures, instrumentation, pig signalers and control systems. We offer Jib Cranes and Pig Handling system with our Barrels. Lack of or unavailability of devoted pig launcher and receiver facilities may cause a generally piggable pipeline to be considered as unpiggable. image2
We follow the following design standards.
  • ASME “U” Stamp Division 1 & 2
  • NACE with HIC / SSC and any other specific tests
  • BS 5500
  • ASME B31.3, B31.4, B31.8
  • Sizes: 2” NB to 56” NB
  • Class: ANSI 150 to ANSI 2500
  • Material: Carbon steel & Stainless steel
We have in-house facility for Internal Inconel / Stainless Steel Cladding. We also offer internally Epoxy Coated Pig Barrels.
image4 Multiple pig launchers are designed to allow the sequential launching of pigs and spheres. Using our automatic multiple pig launching system a series of pigs can be launched into a pipeline without having to repeatedly depressurise and re-pressurise after each pig launch. The process can also be controlled from a remote location. This is particularly relevant on unmanned platforms such as offshore platforms and sour service applications. Sphere release fingers on sphere launchers are used to control the release of a series of spheres into a pipeline.
VKVC will design pig launcher and receiver systems which are 'tailor-made' to meet specific operational requirements. VKVC manufactures extension Pig Barrels to extend major barrel length of Existing Pig Barrels. Extension Pig Barrels consist of one quick opening closure and one adaptor to hook up the extension Barrel to existing Pig Barrel QOEC. VKVC has extended major barrel length of Pig Barrels to enable launch / Receive of multiple pigs and inspection tools. This can include:
  • Multiple valve operation
  • Automatic or manually operated pig and sphere release systems
  • Integrated skid mounted packages
In addition to the supply of newly manufactured pig launchers and pig receivers, VKVC provides an inspection, maintenance and refurbishment service to existing in service pig launchers and receivers. Quick Opening and closures

Quick Opening Closures

Quick opening closures are pressure retaining structures designed to provide access to pipelines and pressure vessels. Our Quick Closures provide safe and quick access to pipeline and pressure vessels. They are built to meet all required international design codes and can be used in horizontal, vertical, inclined or declined applications. We offer Clamp, Bayonet and Ring lock Closures as required by Clients. Approved Design ASME VIII Div.1.states that "Quick-actuating or quick opening closures are those that permit substantially faster access to the contents space of a pressure vessel than would be expected with a standard bolted flange connection. The requirements of other pressure vessel codes, such as ASME VIII Div. 2 and PD5500 can be complied with as well as ASME U code stamps. This code stamping confirms that the quick opening closure has gone through rigorous shop inspection by an ASME Authorized Inspector. We offer EN 10204 3.1 & EN 10204 3.2 certification as required. Typical applications for the quick opening closure include, Filter vessels, Strainers, Separators.
  • Pig launchers and pig receivers
  • Metering skid systems
We offer Inconnel / stainless steel cladding on our Closures. VKVC molds all the QOEC seals In-House upto a diameter of 72”NB, Please do contact us for any specific seal requirement for any Closure.
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