Pig Signals are devices which detect the passage of a pig and then inform the operators about this passage at crucial points of the pipeline. Pig signals are located at the pig launching, pig receiving and other critical points along the pipeline. Majority pipeline owners chose VKVC pig signals for their pigging needs due to the ease of operation and installation along with an uncomplicated design. Moreover the experienced pig locator professionals from VKVC make the pigging operation fast and efficient.

Features of intrusive pig signals
  • Can be used with a variety of pigs - Foam pigs, Metal bodied pigs, Polyurethane pigs, Spheres, Mandrel pigs
  • Provided with mechanical and visual indicator, electrical indicator or a combination of both for maximum flexibility
  • Can be fitted to all pipeline sizes over 1"
  • Can be fitted on majority existing signaller bosses for best flexibility
  • Does not use dynamic seals
  • Low maintenance costs and emission controls
  • Fitted on hot tapping systems
  • Bi directional and omni directional trigger mechanisms