Insulating Joints are used on pipelines to provide electrical isolation to prevent corrosion. They provide current spreading on cathodic protection systems. They provide electrical separation between pipeline section and the adjoining neighboring structures and pipelines. Wherever practical, the VKVC insulating joint is intended to be installed above the ground, or in an inspection pit in dry conditions to limit the possibility of electrical bridging across the joint. It is intended to be girth welded between two pipeline sections.


  • No loss of integrity due to thermal expansion or ground stress as is common with flange isolation gasket kits.
  • In-factory tested hydrostatically and electrically, to 1.5 times their working pressure. Non destructive testing is also available.
  • Maintenance-free, reliable cathodic isolation of equipment in required isolation applications such as compressor stations.
  • No labor intensive, complicated installation procedure required as is the case with isolation gasket kits,
  • No inspection pits, vaults or maintenance needed - weld into place and direct bury - reliable, worry-free cathodic isolation.
  • Non-conductive epoxy coatings help prevent shorts, both internally and externally.
  • Isolation stray currents impressed on the pipe from exterior forces such as electrical transmission systems, earth currents and currents flowing from point to point.
  • Excellent bending and torsional resistance.
  • Earthquake resistant - acts as a thrust block or joint.