Composite Wrap/Bandages for Pipeline Repair

Composite wraps or bandages are similar to tapes; they are wrapped over the defective pipes in layers in conjunction with a putty after surface preparation of the pipe. VKVC composite leak repair bandages are used for repair of metal, plastic, PVC, copper, rubber, concrete, composite pipes etc. The composite generally used is fiberglass reinforced material with a water-activated polyurethane resin coating. Composite wraps or bandages are used extensively in oil & gas, water pipelines etc. Typical advantages include:
  • Quick & simple to use, no mixing required
  • 30 minutes for successful repair
  • Flexible – adhering to complicated shapes
  • Cost efficient
  • Hand-mixable putty; moldable in any shape to fill and seal leaks or cracks of any shape
  • Environment friendly material
  • Suitable on wet and dry pipes
  • Underwater application
  • Upto 15MPa of pressure resistance
  • Available in various sizes from 5cm to 15cm width