Vee Kay Vikram & Company (VKVC) is involved in manufacturing and providing pipeline engineering and polyurethane products. Including Pigging Products, Pipeline Equipment, Pipeline Repair and Maintenance Products, Surge Relief and Pipeline Valves, Floats and Buoys, and Pigging Services. VKVC established in 1969 by an ex-ONGC petroleum production engineer, has rapidly expanded its product range from elastomer products for oil-well drilling to pipe-line products for use in upstream and downstream transportation and refinery operations, as well as providing pipeline cleaning services for new and aged pipelines. VKVC offers Pipeline Engineering Products, Polyurethane Products, Pigging Product Manufacturer, Pipeline Equipment Manufacturer. VKVC’s facility is also licensed by the American Petroleum Institute to use the official API Monogram® on manufactured products under the conditions in the official publications of the American Petroleum Institute entitled API Spec Q1®. The scope of this license includes the following product: Ball Valve. VKVC’s Quality Management System has been assessed and found to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. VKVC is a Member of Pigging Products and Services Association, UK, since 2002.


To work truthfully and with conscience in providing high quality products, services and knowledge to our clients in the Oil/Gas Pipelines, Oilfields & Industrial sectors.

Ethics Code

We will be fair, sensitive, honest, trusting, and trustworthy in all our dealings among ourselves, with clients, with business associates and with the community at large. We will obey all laws, in fact and in spirit. We will always do the right thing, in every situation to the best of our abilities.

Five Quality Principles

We want satisfied clients. That is why the highest quality of our work is our corporate objective. This also applies to the quality of the work carried out in our name by our associates in their work. Our clients are the true judges of our quality. Their verdict on our services and products is decisive. Clients not only assess the quality of our services, but also our adherence to the promised schedules. Inquiries, offers and complaints must always be dealt with promptly and thoroughly. Each and every member / employee in the organization / company contributes towards achieving our quality goals. It is therefore the responsibility of every employee to ensure that their work is of the highest standard. Each & every member / employee of the company / organization must periodically assess their work during the period & record the findings & steps taken to improve rectify.