Leak Sealing of Monolithic Isolation Joints in Middle East/India - VKVC MONOLITHIC ISOLATION JOINTS CLAMP

Overview Monolithic Isolation Joints on Pipelines often develop leaks over a period of time. This happens mainly due to soil settlement causing metal erosion. The leaks need to be encapsulated to keep the Pipeline Operational till Permanent repair is carried out by replacing the Monolithic Insulation Joints. The Clamp for each Monolithic Isolation Joint is designed and manufactured with actual site dimensions. The material of flange is compatible with Monolithic Isolation joint. The annuls between Monolithic Isolation Joint and Clamp is filled with an epoxy grout and internal non conductive liner is provided for electrical isolation. Composite material wrap can be provided for permanent installation.


Solution & Implementation VKVC has successfully designed, manufactured and installed Encapsulation Clamps on Monolithic Isolation Joints from Size 8 ” NB to 30 ”NB ANSI 900 Pressure rating. All Clamps have a non-Conductive internal surface. The challenge is to prevent current leakage across the Clamp and at the same time ensure oil / gas does not leak through the seal at pressure 100 bar and higher.

Result The Pipeline is kept Operational till the isolation Joint can be replaced. image12