Leak sealing of 6 ”NB weldolet on a Sub Sea 36 ”NB Pig Barrel on PLEM - VKVC LEAK SEALING OF 6 ”NB WELDOLET

Overview A 36 ”NB Pig Barrel Place on Sub -Sea PLEM had a leak from welding joint of the Bottom Drain 6” NB line. The pig barrel was installed at water-depth of 35 meters. Replacement of pig barrel implied complete dismantling and removal of pig barrels for repairs. Leak sealing onsite was possible only with a tailor-made clamp. The dimensions were taken in poor visibility conditions. Adequate margins and tolerances were provided.


  Solution & Implementation VKVC designed, manufactured, tested and delivered the Clamp to seal the drain line. Result The Pig Barrel on PLEM has been used for Pigging the Pipeline. The Pig Barrel is used intermittently, it was decided not to replace the Pig Barrel.